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A Conspiracy of Conservative OVERReach?~You Decide Trumps:abolition-of-civil-rights

In a speech in Washington, D.C. in February 2019 at the "National Prayer Breakfast"- Abolition of Civil Rights was used in a recounting of national faith achievements.

Recent events in rural southern America has evidenced the roll-back of varied-considered "gains" in equitable treatment of then "negroes", African-Americans & Blacks of the 70's!
Is it a conspiracy?
The problems, that other schools have experienced could have occurred in a rural parish in Louisiana, that may not yet be handled appropriately by authorities.  In addition, the schools in Morehouse Parish have been consolidated, closing some schools, shifting students to other schools midterm in January 2019. 
Furthermore, parents of children in a lower-elementary school were not notified of an incident involving a suicidal young black-girl, whose classmates observed the incident involving a rope in early February.  Across the state of Louisiana in other areas  , in east-central Louisiana's Catahoula Parish; students at Jonesville's Block High School were ostracized, for bringing, "negative attention" to the school-system's ineptitude.

"This is how bad it can get, when the system decides 'you really don't matter', after a U. S. Soldier, dies in Niger and his death is taken for granted by the President.  The question of a conspiratorial consequence beckons. The students probably don't remember the fiasco in neighboring Lasalle Parish.

It is beyond, rational imagination? Recall the muslim-ban, the wall & the Obama-birther-conspiracy?  'The ACLU flooded the courts with lawsuits and the Democrat party became a law firm. Almost every incumbent, or his or her spouse, is a lawyer. [2008-The Jena Times article: Jumping Frogs  ] ]

They now have the perfect candidate because they can squash criticism by playing the race card. If you don’t like Obama, or criticize him, you are a racist. They can hide his inexperience and background by turning him into a rock star and singing change and hope. They don’t tell us what kind of change, or how it will be done, only that you should hope for the best. By keeping the hype going they don’t have to put anything of substance on the table.
The only thing we really know about Obama is that his wife has never been proud to be an American. They want us to believe that his liberal college professors, Rev. Pfleger, his ties to radicals Bill Ayer and Lewis Farakon, and listening to the Rev. Wright’s hate talks for 20 years, had no influence on his thinking. If they didn’t, then who did? He wasn’t in business and didn’t see fit to serve his country. These people launched his political career and their organizations received earmarks in return for their campaign donations and political help. They must have had some influence. Rev. Wright’s church received over $15 million. That’s only one small local church. Think on a national scale.'
David Duke, even chimed in,

White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash

  • Associated Press writer
  • Published: Aug 8, 2008 UPDATED: 10:53 a.m.
  • PEARL, Miss. (AP) — They’re not exactly rooting for Barack Obama, but prominent white supremacists anticipate a boost to their cause if he becomes the first black president. His election, they say, would trigger a backlash – whites rising up, a revolution of sorts – that they think is long overdue.
    He’d be a “visual aid,” says former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, in trying to bring others around to their view that whites have lost control of America. Obama’s election, says another, would jar whites into action, writing letters, handing out pamphlets rather than sitting around complaining.
    And finally the one ,   all of them could rally behind.  And so, it is a nationalist-conservative-move to deconstruct the Civil Rights gains".  And so, all of this winds down to an initiative of putting folks back in their place!

    You Decide, isn't everything including education, from Harvard to Block being engineered, to regain Fifty's era controls of human dignity, or the lack thereof? Dignity.  Morehouse-Magnet to the SCOTUS is being handled in an attempted deconstruct of Democracy's values.

    Tuesday, January 30, 2018

    And So, This How it's Going to Be

    A cataclysmic occurence will have to transpire for any substantive change to occur. They are toying with Us. The ENTIRE populace.  If you are not voluminously vomiting over this mess, YOU ARE COMPLICIT

    And So, this is how it is going to be? 

    No one wants to do his sworn duty and continue to allow distrust to build in the United States, until Russian Migs attack the Pentagon. 

    Not the Senate or the House, that is in Washington, D. C., and is called the Congress of the United States of America; will protect and serve the people.  The political ploys playing with our lives, as pawns and do not think that the "Lord of Hosts", will not battle for those who are trodden underfoot by the Elite. 

    Killing us slowly, with your votes, and inaction and delay and false bravado.  The people are not represented.  

    Local regimes of your domicile is cooperating with the travesty. 

    This person is the Executive Branch Chief of the United States of America's Government and continues to this day to manipulate the Legislative Branch of government to not do its elected duty.

    The Congress of the United States of America needs to pass legislation and let the President Veto, what he don't like.  Congress should do its Job.  

    Congress along with the president is killing the American Democratic Republic.  Cease and desist and get down to business, now.  If the government re-impoverishes the impoverished the reaping of the inactivity will completely destroy the fabric of the failed society.  

    No matter how much the market rallies, the actions that caused the mortgage meltdown; the taking advantage of an entire class and race of people, scapegoating the misery of a "failed-state" on the backs of the disenfranchised is blasphemous.  

    The repenting that must be done, will cause the "high and mighty" to be incarcerated or impale themselves, as in the times of Enron. The hybrid monster that has been created can only be tamed by an uglier, meaner monster.  The which, will explode on the scene without announcement.

    Everyone Has Let The People Down.


    Sunday, July 16, 2017

    What Must Be Done About the KILLING & MURDER

    There must be an End to dehumanization and demoralization in our society.

    Everytime we turn around some one is dead:MURDERED, in the so-called Bible Belt.
    We Need twenty-four hour around the clock Prayer in Our Community.  This is step ONE (1.)

     With the Prayer, a MASS Street Preaching Campaign Step two(2.)
    Step Three (3.) will be the most difficult.
    This will require, financial means. It involves on-site involvement with specialized interventionist techniques.

    Contact Me for more information and your support.

    Monday, December 26, 2016

    State & Municipal DisenfranchisementAmerica Closed for Business::2017 And Beyond

    The last of 2016, closed with the same activity which has plagued the American Society.  A scene, played out on video of a police officer, downing a Black woman and her daughter; taking them to jail, and then; protest.  A whole lot of shooting and killing in black communities, continued. 

    Folks, observed Christmas, and consumed a whole lot of comfort food.  Gumbo, seemed to be the choice, all over, Louisiana.

    It is noted, Louisianans are just as uncertain about the political climate as any.  And, when the climate changes so does moods.  The latest terrorist group has put a hit list on Christian Churches in the United States.  Specifically, though, the rich continue to get rich and the poor, steadily get poorer.  Further, criminalization of the impoverished to obtain new revenue is becoming the norm.

    After flooding in both, North and South Louisiana; the entire state is distressed and yet trying to get past the damages of two cataclysmic events. Lousiana government, has a 300 million dollar deficit as the New Year approaches. In the last legislative session, the budget shortfall was dealt with. The push to find funding for needed state programs, resulted in every sort of possibility. 

    In the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Office of Debt Recovery are collaborated together raise revenue by becoming a collection agency. Suspended licenses, along with freezing bank accounts through a crossmatching in system in place designed to capture delinquent child-support.  Big Brother technocracy.

    In accordance with the, proposed procedures "the so-called office of debt recovery, will utilize 'support enforcement' 'financial institute data match' to track down monies 'owned' or accessible for this 'collaborative' to seize accounts.

    It has been widely reported that this Act could result in $200 million in new state revenues over five years. We also were told by the Department that without a data match system to efficiently find and collect unpaid debts, other potentially more burdensome methods would be pursued. 
    For instance, the Department has told us that in recent years they have significantly increased the amount of paper levies they send to banks in a geographic area where they believe a debtor may have an account. 

    These are basically fishing expeditions with the hope of finding a debtor account. As a result, banks waste time responding to these levies even when they do not have that debtor as a customer. 

    The Department indicated that the number of paper levies generated would likely continue to greatly increase without data match in place because the Department was looking at technology to reduce time and expense while greatly increasing the volume of levies produced. 

    In addition to philosophical concerns and concerns with the alternative collection procedures being contemplated by the Department, LBA had concerns with the initial language proposed in the bill and we wanted to ensure that the data match program, if passed into law, would be conducted in the same manner as is currently being done for the collection of past due child support. 

    And, so now in the City of Monroe, Louisiana in an initiative entitled "fight the blight, an ordinance has been passed to effectively seize property. Place Liens on the property, place the lien amount on the yearly taxes.

    That, then becoming a debt. The property is sold/donated to specific -nonprofit/charity organizations, whose goal is and should be helping the disenfranchised.

    In this case the groups organized to help the disenfranchised, will secure the disenfranchiseds' property and call it "helping" the poor.

    There are different causes for these peoples' residences becoming blighted. And if the citizens representatives are about "representing" all its citizens, then they must create a governmental avenue to solve the problem created by local governmental insolvency.

    Don't be fooled, the "fight the blight" law in the City of Monroe is a trap to seize property, apply liens, generate funds and then capitalize on the already distressed populations.  Eventually, the City of Monroe will sign an MOU with the state as the debtor is never released from the debt until it is paid.

    Saturday, December 05, 2015

    In-Custody-Deaths Community Violence & Justice

    The land of the free..ON youtube Giuliano Elia on Friday, May 15, 2015
    The In-Custody-Deaths are all of a sudden being framed by the recent "terrorist act" officially committed in San Bernardino, California. 

    Two days, before the attacks I'd attempted to call my oldest sibling in Diamond Bar, to no avail. This, was my premonition. I still haven't talked to him. 

    It is guns and a retaliative, reactionary mentality that is the cause of all the mayhem; inclusive of "in commnunity violence perpetrated upon one another", the killer-cop phenomenon, the cop-killing backlash and now; "the 'homegrown' internationally twisted, radicalized 'straight from hell' TERRORISM. 

    The police, are so vehemently destructive of black citizens in general, when dealt with in an arrest or apprehension. And some, vunerably victimous persons, exacerbate the "death model" with the slightest of move. In essence, the cops are scared! And, they are more afraid of blacks, than any other. It is as if they are on a genocidal eradication. 

    The recent death of Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee, has really forced society to take a hard and serious look at itself, because of the American blood-thirst. While Chicago, the nation and the world were reeling from the "in-community" assassination of a child, a video of the "killer-cop" death of  Laquan McDonald re-shook the LANDSCAPE

    End the Epidemic of Gun Violence.

    ​It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.


    Monday, March 31, 2014

    The Death Knoll of Violence in Louisiana's Black Community::Bastrop to Baton Rouge

    "Dontae Jamal Moore, illegal use of a dangerous weapon, illegal carrying of a fire arm. 3/26/13"
     Mar. 2, 2014

     Bastrop teen arrested after fatal shooting Friday

    The Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in connection with the fatal shooting in Bastrop Friday afternoon.
    Later that night, Devante Payton, 18, turned himself in to sheriff’s deputies, according to the arrest report. He was charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.
    Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs said deputies responded to reports of a shooting near Cherry Ridge Road at approximately noon Friday. The deputies found Dontae Jamal Moore, 18, of Bastrop lying in a parking lot and 17-year-old Antonio Moore, also of Bastrop, about a block away.
    Both victims were taken to Morehouse General Hospital, where Dontae Moore was pronounced dead. Tubbs said Antonio Moore was released from the hospital by 3:30 p.m.
    The victims were not related to each other.

    But Will The Truth Be Told!!

    After an indepth conversation with the Father of the late Dontae Jamal Moore, it is concluded that the whole truth of the matter concerning this fatal shooting, is elusive: A Classic LJF Case. Justice:Fleeting 

    The fatherly parent of Dontae Moore, would like to see justice done, for his son; but in a way strange to the powers-at-be in this extreme Northeast Louisiana farming community.  He believes the boy who shot-the-gun; should indeed pay his debt to society, but in a much different way.

    Imagine this scenario, a black man in the rural south, wants to see "Restorative Justice". I imagine the guy has no real knowledge of the phrase, but this is what he's asking for. However, this becomes a bit complicated as we adjust the rear-view mirror of factualities. Restorative Justice [a matter of conscience] would require the individual to undergo activities that would in this case, reduce the crime in the specific area of domicile.  If nothing; such as this is done the VIOLENCE in our communities will continue. 

    The question is?  Is the community, the Law Enforcement community, the State, the Judiciary willing, and up to such an endeavor in Morehouse Parish's Fourth Judicial District.? 

    Grandpa's are talking about this event of death in this rural area. Some say, the powers-at-be are trying to "put a gun" in the deceased's hand.  And, that the act was in self-defense. The fact, that the shooter's Mother is an employee of the DA's office, further complicates the matter.  
    It has been stated, that the Louisiana Attorney General's Office will be prosecuting this case. However,  young Devonte Payton has an 4thJDC IDB Attorney, and inquiries are already being made, concerning the efficacy of the "two" state entities conducting this matter.  

    Those "two" state entities being-- The AG's Office & the Indigent Defense Board. Will Justice Be Served?

    However, Dontae's Father has been consistently, pursuing the matter "with all deliberate speed" for whatever reasons. [Who really know's what goes on in the head of dead-son's Father] 

     A Declarative Statement: On this Saturday March 29th 2014, was made on the spot were this blood was shed. Such death, mayhem & destruction is against Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness.  It will not be accepted as the Norm for Our People any Longer. The Lord of Hosts was requested to defend in this Battle!

    Change was invoked. Deliverance was offered. Jesus Christ was preached! Reinforcements have been contacted.  The Social-Justice apparatus of the South, and of these United States, will bring the full brunt of its effectiveness, down to Louisiana on this issue. And others. Until there is R E L I E F from this destructive mechanism of  demoralization, drugs, guns, gun-violence and death. 

    Happening Now.
    Familes seek Justice in Baton Rouge tragic Teen-Deaths 
    We, The People, Demand that the Legislative Body, Immediately convene "Emergency Justice Hearings, on the killings, murders and violent ends of Youth & Young People in the State of Louisiana."  

    Saturday, November 17, 2012

    The Assassin's Bullet

    Who in the world is going to stop the assassin's bullet? Think things can't get any stranger? Hold On!

    Hamas military chief killed in Gaza air strike

    Hamas has said that Israeli air strike in Gaza which killed Ahmed Jabari, the head of its military wing, "has opened the gates of hell". More.

    Benghazi mission was CIA operation, report


    Wall Street Journal claims that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead, was a secret CIA operation while US officials says there was no delay or second-guessing in rescue effort in Libya

    If indeed the consulate was a CIA operation, who indeed would really know what was going on? 

    A dramatic resumption of Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian militant leaders?  So then, the answer to the problem has become the assassins bullet?

    Politics & Policy

    Bobby Jindal Just Killed Decades of Republican Tax Policy

    By on November 15, 2012
    But no sitting Republican politician joined them, certainly none with big plans. Until this week. Bobby Jindal is both: governor of Louisiana and a strong prospect for 2016. On Monday he told Politico, “We cannot be, we must not be, the party that simply protects the rich so they get to keep their toys.” He also said the party shouldn’t tolerate “bizarre, offensive comments” or “dumbed-down conservatism.” 
    Bobby Jindal has made a decision on his own. He’s calculating that trickle-down policies—policies that explicitly, unapologetically protect the rich—will never get a Republican elected president again.

    Jindal is effectively announcing his candidacy for president in 2016. He also just pulled the drain plug on the rising tide that lifts all boats. more


    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Unfinished Business

    What they hate the most, is that a Black Man can hold the office of President of the United States and yet, maintain the duties of the office better than most. Since when, has a US Government been able to fly in and pluck hostages out of the hands of "pirates" in Somalia. No Blackhawk down! Business just down. Albeit in an Africa Nation, yet done!

    So, the threat; of we'll swoop in and get you in pervasive. All of a sudden Iran's President wants to talk.

    We goin' back in to Jena. Why? Because, no one on the outside is aware of the fate of those left in Jena since 2007. There was no Martin Luther King March in Jena, this year. The group of blacks, who have gotten the MLK event together over the years, were talked into not doing it in 2012.

    Some of the main local folks who were the voices and faces of the movement in Jena have succumbed to the pressures exacted because of 2007. We are asking all who were involved in the 2007 March to get ReJena'd. This three day event will still be about
    Justice and Peace.

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    The ABSOLUTE Day of Infamy 9-21-11

    Absolute Infamy 9-21-11
    I find it absolutely infamously apropro, Georgia decided on September 21st as the date to kill him. In September 2007, the very next day after "the march", The LaSalle Court's action had principals in the matter, scurrying from the scene, in tears, almost a blittering, idiot.

    Well, we; somebody ought to get it now. Just because a man is not a Cop Killer, does not release you from "Killery".
    And it makes no difference, if the
    "Killerer" is us: The State; whom we support with prayers as Christians, and taxes of the poor!! If you, really sick of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, stop supporting the STATE. THE Supreme Court is the STATE!! Justice Thomas was pressed with presenting the Petition to the Court, an accused man himself.

    The whole damned, country should revolt, and nobody pay no Taxes, and let the Bastard gone spin-off, into anarchy & Chaos. That's what the Neo-Cons want. The Bastards, who refuse to be chastised. Hurricanes, crashed economy, 9-11-01 - all that; and the Bastards, the illegitimate bastards deny God as the "actionary" bringing climate uncontrolled CHAOS.

    Six months after the Supreme Court previously refused all attempts to stop the execution of Georgia inmate Troy Anthony Davis, his lawyers on Wednesday filed a new plea seeking to head off the state schedule to put him to death Wednesday evening. The brief filing, promising to send in “shortly” a new plea for Supreme Court review of his case, can be found here. The state swiftly replied, arguing against any delay. You, Me, Us and Them can check things Out!

    Davis had been convicted of MacPhail's 1989 killing. Prosecutors said Davis was pistol-whipping a homeless man after asking him for a beer when MacPhail, who was working as a security guard at the time, rushed over to help. Authorities said Davis had a smirk on his face when he shot the officer in a Burger King parking lot in Savannah.

    The State of the Black Way is exemplified in the speech The President made to the Congressional Black Caucus! It is the same CBC, of which a Congressman was in contact with one of the Attorney's for Mychal Bell on the last days of the young man's completely disrputed DAY OF COURT.

    Peculiarly so, Sammy Franklin; the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Daddy, wrote an article -
    "Jumping Frogs" in 2008 before Barack Obama was the Nominee for the Democratic Presidency.
    Editor Franklin wrote in '08
    They now have the perfect candidate because they can squash criticism by playing the race card. If you don’t like Obama, or criticize him, you are a racist. They can hide his inexperience and background by turning him into a rock star and singing change and hope. They don’t tell us what kind of change, or how it will be done, only that you should hope for the best. By keeping the hype going they don’t have to put anything of substance on the table.

    The only thing we really know about Obama is that his wife has never been proud to be an American. They want us to believe that his liberal college professors, Rev. Pfleger, his ties to radicals Bill Ayer and Lewis Farakon, and listening to the Rev. Wright’s hate talks for 20 years, had no influence on his thinking. If they didn’t, then who did? He wasn’t in business and didn’t see fit to serve his country. These people launched his political career and their organizations received earmarks in return for their campaign donations and political help. They must have had some influence. Rev. Wright’s church received over $15 million. That’s only one small local church. Think on a national scale.
    He went on to say:
    "The old sage’s (over 50) will have to play a big role in this election. The young people simply don’t know what the aged know. The advantage of aging is the knowledge you accumulated. You know what United States Means. You know what the seldom-heard word respect means. You know how wonderful freedom and independence is. You know the difference between a strong and a weak nation; and you know what it takes to keep it strong. You know history because you have lived it.

    Although the old guard is dying off, and getting too tired to fight, they have to muster one more charge. If they don’t, our children, and grandchildren, will never know the joy and freedom that is the bedrock of our country. The heat is slowly being turned up and the water is getting hot. The old frogs better start jumping before it’s too late.”
    Let this be a notice to all, before the Tpartiers there was the Oathkeepers

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    The "State" of the American Way-2010 A Return to the Dixiecratic Way

    The United States House of Representative takeover, by the Republican Party; fueled by the so-called TeaParty Express is being touted as the biggest take over, change, switch or reordering since 1948.

    That is Nineteen-hundred & forty-eight in the year of Our Lord & Saviour.

    In 1948, the Dixiecrat James O. Eastland was flexing his segregationist muscle, in Congress.

    So, finally, we have a definitive qualification for where the ultra-conservative politicos; republican & democrat, tea-partiers and dixiecrats
    want to take us back to.

    The Country they want to take us back to, is the country of James O. Eastland. Taking the country back is a return to the actions of slave plantation owners, who sought to deny Fannie
    Lou Hamer the right to register to vote. It is that country, that they are trying to "take back".

    The states-rightest have been waiting for this opportunity since the 1964-1965 Civil Rights legislation. And the Republicans are not finished. Boehner really cried, because of the satanic pact, made in 2009 to disrupt, distort and decimate the intended "policies of the Obama Administration."

    Republican Judd Gregg was to be an early on appointee of the Obama Administration. However it was diverted through conservative wrangling, wresting him away from his former decision to accept the appointment.

    Without doubt John Boehner, knows the efforts to defeat Obama are indeed race-based and "states-rights" based.
    He also knows, that if the rhetoric of the Tea Party Express, Sarah Pallin and others, will end in the destruction of the Nation.

    It's not political gamesmanship anymore, or campaign politics. The continuing of the Democratic Republic is at stake.

    As I listen to an assessment on Al Sharpton's - "Keeping It Real" , the Savannah, Georgia Rep for National Action Network, is talking about how "Red" Georgia has become in the aftermath of last night's elections.

    We should all remember however, the Cherokee.

    And how they were driven from Georgia in the 1800's. A PBS story about the "Trail of Tears" explains how Georgia pushed out aggressively the Indians of that day.

    In the days of slavery in America, the Indians were required to assimilate in to the "american way", which was euro-caucasian.

    The same is occurring now. Hispanics are being forced to drop there culture and assimilate.

    The Immigration process to seperate families is "a return to plantation philosophy" for which america has never left.

    Sunday, July 04, 2010

    Mocha Chocalata!:Curbside ViewsBBOP-Review::The BigSnitchola --Black Belt of Poverty Review-On the TightRope!

    In an earlier review it was said. 'So, sweet city of somber solace, seek to soothe your unsatisfied soul; as the souls of the sidewalk sepulchres scream bloody murder. You, who ritually deliver young souls into temptation, where will you disquise as you try to slide to a slow dirge, mimicking the pain that so many have lived with and do now sing and play and dance with. Yeah, it is true what that song say, "everybody want to sing my blues, nobody want to live my blues."
    Speaking of the Crescent City then, and now as Louisiana experiences the latest "catastrophic occurrence" -OIL; the America we dreamed of is farther distancing itself from a final [r]evelation of what it might have become. "Meriknoir" [Black-America/Afro-America or Americans of African descent] is experiencing a morphing in which it does not have the luxury of belaboring the point.

    While folks are trying to figure out if they are with the current POTUS, the opposition is taking us back to the 1870's. When you consider the current atmosphere in Louisiana - one black congressman from NOLA, the first since the end of Reconstruction; gone with the wind. And currently, a state senator in federal court, two city-councilmen yet to be arraigned federal court and four mayors under FBI investigation in La. Middle District US Atty Office. The New Roads "investigation" is ongoing and hot. The new US Atty for the middle district is a Pointe Coupee native. Recently, the Mayor of New Roads spoke out against the way the Victoria Gosserand case initiated. Gosserand is charged with crimes resulting in the death of 23 year old Terri Parker. An indictment of vehicular homicide was handed down. The "colonel" and his general will be doing all possible to put things in the proper perspective.

    It is without doubt the "ruling class" is pushing to regain control of lost ground.
    Factor in the attempt to dismantle the current White House Administration through an Article 5 Constitutional Convention emanating from New Orleans.

    State Rep. Nick Lorusso, who represents Lakeview and portions of Mid-City, wants Congress to call a convention of state legislatures for the purpose of amending the U.S. Constitution.

    A Republican attorney who was elected to the Louisiana Legislature in 2007, Lorusso cites Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which states that if 34 state legislatures apply for a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution, Congress is required to call one. NOLA Story.

    Lorusso sponsored several resolutions in the recent Legislation session calling for the Article 5 Convention. Of Course, un-beknownst to the masses, other states with similar interest are prepared to become a part of the initiative. All the while WE, the people are trying to figure out if we support the brother!

    Recently two segments of 'Meriknoir' thinkers & activist debated about the need for a Black Agenda. Then on April 20, 2010 an Oil Well blow out, blew-up and continues to contaminate. Black Agenda v. Code Noire ::-:: If there ever was any doubt about reparations, Farrakhan broke down in Atlanta June 26, 2010.

    New Orleans is scheduled to host the first meeting of the World Deltas Dialogue in October 2010. How, appropriate. And who knew?

    The facts of this blow-out will cause the ultimate debacle of commerce as we know it globally.
    The Government is not letting you know everything about the Gulf Oil Spill. Benzene in incredible amounts is being released into the air. People are getting sick. UN Vans by the thousands are parked in secluded areas out of sight from the public on AF Base in Florida just below Jacksonville. They are also in many other areas. Gassed to Death

    That said, black folks everywhere are still figuring out what to make of this new era. New Day!?!
    While all of this is going on, the judgment that is on the Land is exacerbated because there is no justice in the Land & the justice that is, is especially so unjust in Louisiana.

    Each year the state legislature is steadily criminalizing [passing laws felonizing] more people.

    Yet, the LAW [the lawman] kills citizens by lethal force & nothing happens, they are let off. Currently, in Winn Parish, Louisiana; Scott Nugent tortured Baron "Scooter" Pikes to death January 17, 2008
    . Several delays have occurred.

    In Chicago torturer Jon Burge's recent conviction has sparked US Rep Danny Davis to sponsor a bill that would make police torture a crime against humanity. In another instance a 15 year old was beat by Houston police.

    Gun violence, in 'Meriknoir' communities are prevalent in communities of all sizes. Towns of rural populations of less than 3,000 to metropolises are influenced by retaliative response, brought on by "a terror influenced society", hellbent on an eye for an eye.

    Letters: Integration was necessary in our society


    The letter "An unexpected casualty of affirmative action" [June 27] overlooks the fact that the affirmative-action initiative was not set forth to provide preference to nonwhites, but to integrate them into the workforce at a time when they were completely excluded from society.

    I'll admit that in recent years the term has become grossly overused and has lost its original meaning. The integration of nonwhites into the workforce and the school systems (college acceptances, etc.) was, and still is, an extremely important factor in our society today. For too long "middle-age white men" were the predominant candidates for almost every job position, with the exception of those belittled and left for women (secretarial, educational, etc.).

    On the other hand, just because someone who is applying for a certain position hears that a department is expected to "fill their open positions according to the affirmative-action plan" does not necessarily mean that he or she will pass up a perfectly qualified and exceptional candidate due to race. If that is the case, then the original ideals of the affirmative-action plan are being abused, twisted and made counterproductive.

    No single person should be preferred based on race, whether or not they are black and are given preference due to affirmative action, or white and are being given preference due to racism. The suggestion that middle-age white men have been the targets of racial profiling (a gross overstatement, in my opinion) in recent years has some truth to it; but it has merely been the realization of their dominance in the workforce and society's attempts to create a more balanced platform for those of any race, gender, or religion. If a certain amount of "racial profiling" is necessary for creating an integrated society, then so be it.

    Danielle Rico


    August 26, 2010 The Week:End

    GOP's Agenda to Change the Constitution | Anti-Violence Summit held in Harlem | Alveda King & Glenn Beck | Bernice King & the SCLC | Brady Campaign & 'Reclaiming the Dream' | Glen Beck | The Rural Grocery Crisis | New Organizing Institute | Solving Poverty | Open Letter to Dr. King by George Curry | Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement | Arne Duncan - Edu-Bus Tour starts in Little Rock | Katrina-5 | Black Pearl

    hlr-from BBOP-'06

    Since Black New Orleans and Poor New Orleans was held in this "depth of poverty" for the lucrative value of a readily available working class; and now an opportunity exists to capitalize further on another at the expense of the others, forced upon deprivations of the most recent last forty years of payback for even desiring to be free, let lone equal. How Declaration of Independence American Can New Orleans Ruling Class Be.

    Gosserand pleads not guilty

    • Advocate Westside bureau
    • Published: Aug 26, 2010

    Victoria Gosserand pleaded not guilty this morning in the Dec. 23 killing of one woman and the injuring of another in New Roads.

    Gosserand, 24, was arraigned in a Pointe Coupee Parish courtroom today. A grand jury indicted her in February on one count each of vehicular homicide and first-degree negligent injuring.

    Gosserand was behind the wheel in the Dec. 23 wreck that killed Terri Parker, 23, and sent Kyle Riviere, 23, to a hospital with serious injuries.

    Assistant District Attorney Tony Clayton said the Ventress woman’s blood-alcohol content was 0.30, or nearly four times the 0.08 level at which a person is considered to be driving drunk, the night of the wreck.

    New Roads Police Officer Brandon Spillman, who witnessed the wreck, testified in March shortly before his Louisiana National Guard unit deployed to Iraq.

    Spillman said he was parked in a vacant lot while on duty around midnight at the intersection of False River Drive and Hospital Road when he witnessed Gosserand speed through a red light without attempting to stop or slow down.

    The impact of the crash sent both Gosserand’s sport utility vehicle and Riviere’s Toyota Camry spinning through the intersection, Spillman said.

    The officer said he saw a large object, which turned out to be Camry passenger Parker of New Roads, flying through the air. When Parker landed about 30 feet from the point of impact, Riviere’s car appeared to run over her body, Spillman said.

    Spillman said he detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from an “aggressive and uncooperative” Gosserand. Later, at Pointe Coupee General Hospital, it took several hospital staffers, Spillman and Gosserand’s father to restrain the cursing and flailing woman, he said.

    After Spillman’s testimony, defense attorney Rob Marionneaux told 18th Judicial District Judge Alvin Batiste that Gosserand was scheduled to enter a treatment program. He did not specify what kind of treatment Gosserand would be getting.

    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    MOB RULE 2010:-Louisiana? What will you do when the Kingdom Comes

    In the years before the passage of the Civil Rights Act and before Brown v. Board of Education and Little Rock and New Orleans, and even since the onslaught of slavery; in America, it has been and still is MOB RULE. The chants of 2, 4, 6, 8 we don't want to integrate rang resoundingly on the CBS Evening News in the 60's. The Jeering, then. The mobs of white folk, on the attack. Sometimes, as the police; more often than not. At other, times just mobs of white citizens. Bloody Sunday is an example of the 'mob rule' bludgeoning by law enforcement.

    Now in this twenty-first century, the hollering white folks are back. As if, given a signal to "move out." Some are too young to "Know", it is a mindset of 'supremacist whites' that a negro can never actually run or 'administrate' any thing successfully. So that, it was a knee jerk reaction, to cause to think the current president could not function properly, innately. It would be beyond their reasoning to think such, for the majority.

    In 1957, the mob ruled until federal troops were sent to Little Rock. In 1960 Ruby Bridges integrated as a first; the public schools in New Orleans. MOB RULED, until federal marshals were sent. And still, the shouts and jeers. The mobs.

    Now, in 2010. Since the election of President Barack Obama, the mobs have ensued again. In 2007, a mass-march was held in Louisiana in the town of Jena. After the march, the father of the then sheriff-elect, wrote an article in the "family newspaper", the only paper in the town. In essence, the article said; it was time to get as busy as the civil rights activist were. The article was about "jumping frogs". The article entitled 'Old Frogs better start jumping,' was eyed by every concerned conservative in the nation. At that time, the town was ground zero.
    The final statement in the article, went as such:
    "Although the old guard is dying off, and getting too tired to fight, they have to muster one more charge. If they don’t, our children, and grandchildren, will never know the joy and freedom that is the bedrock of our country. The heat is slowly being turned up and the water is getting hot. The old frogs better start jumping before it’s too late."
    Obama wasn't nominated or elected when the article was written. A COGIC Church was burned in Massachusetts the night Obama was elected. Yet, there is a responsive resolution to this activity.

    Before Coretta King died she said it was up to the people to bring the 'right' people to justice for the murder of her husband. The information was all in the Trial Transcript. Tavis Smiley, Bill Moyers, and a Civil Rights History timeline, is occurring in recognition of April 4, 1968. It is seemingly strange, that somehow this year's Resurrection day is also the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated.

    White Supremacist hoped Obama's win would bring a backlash. It Did. Some, are now trying to force it to be said, "it ain't so", but it is. And where will it all end. Louisiana's Legislature is attempting to force a US Constitution Article 5 - Constitutional Convention for the purposes of Amending the Constitution. Evidently the states whose Attorney's General, have filed suit because of the "HealthCare" Bill, were testing for the right number of states for the Article 5 amending, or to further insight someone to do, what they won't. It is no doubt we are On the Brink of a "wind change".

    Will it be the same wind, that blew in 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Is that the coded message, the young woman was referring to the other day? After all, President Obama is definitely, not being judged by the content of his character. Besides, anyway, the Nationalist said in Jena in 2008, 'No King over Us'.

    Some have mistakenly believed, that Obama's presidency was the culmination of Dr. King's dream. The presidency is just another cog in the wheel of justice. There is still much work to be done. Much WORK!! The "schisms and 'isms" are still prevalent.
    The poor are still with us. And, the big dander is all up about, paying more for somebody else to receive. But wait, that sounds kinda judeo-christian, the ideals America was supposedly founded upon.

    Help us, Lord Jesus. We are adrift in a stormy sea.

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    LouisianaWhat will you do When the Kingdom Comes!?

    mid April--MOB RULE 2010
    Louisiana ON THE BRINK of your complete implosion!! 2 April 2010

    Rage Raids by FBI in Midwest 28 March 2010

    I really hated to change the previous post's position. I have kept it as the last post, because it exemplified the status of louisiana justice.
    However, the standard is breeched at will, by the "powers at be", not the "powers that be". At least, in its day, the infamous powers that be knew when to quit.

    But this and this, absolutely take the cake. How on God's green earth does this continue in our life time. Baron "Scooter" Pikes was murdered, the weekend of MLK Day in Winnfield, Louisiana in 2008. That year, the klan; in the form of CrossStar, conducted a counter demonstration in Jena, Louisiana. Their march motto said no KING [referring to Dr. King]-over us. There was also a "counter" counter-demonstration, that day in 2008; if you will. Blacks & Whites against the klanish-types. Now, the Winn Parish Judicial structure is in effect, preparing to set Officer Scott Nugent & others free.
    I have learned his -[Pikes]- grandmother died only recently in January 2010, never to see the justice done.

    Not only that, but her burial was a struggle also. This article tells a story of a video alledged to be in existence that shows Pikes plight during the time of his arrest, torture & murderous death. I tell you, the government in louisiana is preparing to set Nugent free!

    [ Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as one of your own country: for I am the Lord your God. ] -Leviticus 24:22

    The same sort of "banana republic justice" is being meted out in Homer, Louisiana in the Claiborne Parish Judicial Process. After the case being placed in the Louisiana Attorney General's hands a "grand jury" decided not to indict officers, who quit their jobs and moved in 2009. The events surrounding the Bernard Monroe case is strange to say the least. But, for the AG to take the case, that fact; meaning something is amiss, especially so after federal involvement, a state police investigation; and no one is charged with nothing! No malfeasance, no negligent homicide, no nothing!: it's just fine to shoot & kill old men in their yards. Such gestapoism!

    Grand Jury Refuses to Indict White Cop Who Killed Black Man

    Friday, February 05, 2010 -Associated Press

    NEW ORLEANS — The case of an elderly black man who was shot to death by a white police officer in the north Louisiana town of Homer will not go to trial.

    A grand jury, handled by the state attorney general's office instead of the local district attorney, returned a "no true bill" on Thursday — refusing to indict former police officer Tim Cox.

    The grand jury considered and rejected charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide.

    Bernard Monroe, 73, was shot outside his home by one of two white Homer police officers who had been chasing Monroe's son last Feb. 20.

    Police said Monroe was armed. Witnesses dispute that.

    The officers have since resigned.


    No charge for La. police officer in shooting death

    NEW ORLEANS — A grand jury on Thursday declined to indict a white police officer who shot an elderly black man in the small Louisiana town of Homer in a case that heightened racial tension and sparked protests.

    The panel returned a "no true bill," meaning the case won't go to trial, after considering and rejecting a range of charges including murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide against former police officer Tim Cox.

    Many in the rural town of 3,800 were outraged by the shooting last February of Bernard Monroe, a 73-year-old left voiceless by cancer. Police said Monroe was armed when he was shot outside his home, but witnesses said he didn't have a weapon.

    The grand jury heard testimony from 20 witnesses over two days, said Kurt Wall, director of the criminal division of the state attorney general's office. The attorney general handled the case after the local prosecutor recused himself.

    "We believe it was a full, complete, accurate and thorough presentation conducted at a neutral site. We respect the grand jury's decision," Wall said.

    An FBI spokeswoman said the bureau is continuing to investigate the case.

    The leader of the local chapter of the NAACP was angered by the decision not to charge Cox.

    "I am so disappointed," said the Rev. Willie Young Sr. "When you have 12 witnesses that say the man did not have a gun and he was gunned down by police, what are you supposed to believe. We are left with the belief that police in Homer have a license to kill."

    Monroe was shot by Cox last Feb. 20 after Cox and another Homer police officer chased Monroe's son through the house and shocked the younger man with a stun gun in the yard, authorities said. Louisiana State Police, which investigated the shooting, have said Cox shot Bernard Monroe several times.

    Monroe, who had recently left a hospice after recovering from cancer that left him voiceless, was outside his home with about a dozen family members for a cookout when the shooting occurred.

    Cox and the other officer, Joey Henry, have since resigned.

    Monroe's death heightened racial tensions in the town about 50 miles northeast of Shreveport. The Rev. Al Sharpton led about 150 people in a peaceful protest march in April.

    Homer Police Chief Russell Mills said Thursday night that because of the civil litigation expected to come in the case, the city attorney had advised him not to comment.

    "I wish I could," Mills said. "And someday I will."

    After Thursday's decision, Police Chief Russell Mills did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

    Claiborne Parish District Attorney Johnathan Stewart turned the case over to Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell in December 2009, saying he wanted to avoid any appearance of favoritism or conflict of interest. His office is handling other criminal cases in which Cox and Henry are witnesses, and an assistant district attorney also serves as the town attorney for Homer.

    Accident-Thurs Mar 11, 2010

    Catahoula man dies from wreck injuries

    Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    ALEXANDRIA — The son of Judge Kathy Johnson died Sunday morning of injuries he sustained in an accident last week.

    Jarrett Barton, 27, died Sunday at the Rapides Regional Medical Center three days after a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler on Louisiana 28.

    Barton’s 1992 Ford pickup apparently drifted across the center line and collided with an oncoming 1996 Peterbilt, according to a news release from the Louisiana State Police.

    Barton is also the son of Thomas Barton of Jena, La.

    His funeral will be 2 p.m. today at First Baptist Church in Jonesville.

    Jarrett Davis Barton, Jonesville

    1982 - 2010

    JONESVILLE — Services for Jarrett Davis Barton, 27, of Jonesville, who died Sunday, March 14, 2010, at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria, La., will be at 2 p.m. today at First Baptist Church of Jonesville with the Rev. Melodie Long, the Rev. Perry Gardner and the Rev. Mack Walker officiating.

    Burial will follow at Jena Cemetery under the direction of Young’s Funeral Home in Jonesville.

    Mr. Barton was born Aug. 25, 1982, in Alexandria, the son of Thomas D. Barton and Judge Kathy Johnson. He was a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jonesville.

    He was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Davis and Ruby Johnson; and paternal grandparents, Thomas and Mary Barton.

    Survivors include one son, Carson Davis Barton; his mother, both of Jonesville; his father and wife, Candy, of Jena, La.; one sister, Lauren Lee Barton of Jonesville; his fiancée, Mandy Ewing of Jonesville; three stepsisters, April Mixon of Crowley, La., Amanda Bond of Jena, La. and Haley Poole of West Monroe, La.; three uncles, Gary Don Barton and wife, Dannie Sue, Danny Joe Barton and wife, Wanda, all of Gilbert, La., and Aaron Johnson and wife, Gayle, of Jena; and a number of cousins and friends.

    Pallbearers will be Josh Book, Dusty Edwards, Justin Bass, Cody Turnage, Drew Nichols, Jordan Johnson, Jeremy Johnson and Travis Barton.

    Honorary pallbearers will be Kyle Neal, Roy King, Dusty Taylor, Cliff Wilson, Wes Edwards, Nathan Trisler, Ben Breithaupt, Toby Wilson, Eddie Nichols, John Ross and John Nichols.

    Donations may be made to Trinity Presbyterian Church or Grace Baptist Church, both of Jonesville.

    Online condolences may be sent to

    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    "Egregious Prosecution"-Wrongful Convictions!! | Beware: Open Season II

    It appears we're headed for a watershed moment in american jurisprudence. Finally, a definitive deep-south statement on wrongful convictions-'EGREGIOUS',says Emily Maw of the Innocence Project of New Orleans. Definitive? Yes! Take the exculpatory evidence in the case of Michael Jarvis Cobb; the evidence was "lawyered" into the minds of the jurors.
    Balko Reform Alliance? SCOTUS-9dec09 Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters and his then-assistant district attorney, Bobby DeLaughter, excluded DNA evidence in 1994hlr

    "For this reason I find the Willis case particularly egregious—and we don’t normally say that about our cases.” -Emily Maw IPNO

    Cedric Willis says he is happy that the state of Mississippi agreed to pay him compensation for wrongfully convicting him for the shooting death of Carl White in 1994, even though $500,000 doesn’t quite seem to cover it.

    The Innocence Project, a national non-profit group, works to overturn wrongful convictions, largely through post-conviction DNA testing. The organization helped overturn Willis’ conviction in 2006. Innocence Project New Orleans Director Emily Maw, who led that effort said she applauded the restitution, but warned the state that restitution does not fix a broken justice system.

    “We commend legislators who agreed to pass the law allowing people to be compensated and the attorney general who agreed that they should be compensated, but it does not absolve the state of Mississippi or its legal profession from reflecting upon how an innocent man was effectively framed by police and tried by prosecutors,” Maw said.

    Maw pointed out that the Willis case was particularly insidious in that the wrongful prosecution was completely voluntary on the part of prosecutors, as opposed to accidental.

    “The case of Arthur Johnson was a mistake in witness identification, pure and simple. But in Willis’ case, two entities knew it was the wrong guy and went ahead and prosecuted him,” she said. “In this case nobody has taken responsibility for their actions, and nobody has called upon responsible people to take responsibility for their actions. For this reason I find the Willis case particularly egregious—and we don’t normally say that about our cases.”

    Maw added that she did not believe that the potential loss of compensation expenditures by the state would, by itself, discourage laziness in the courtroom: “No, they won’t be more careful. They waste money every day,” she said. “There is an absurd amount of wasted money in the criminal justice system, from poor scheduling, bad use of time and wasted resources in the prison system with the state’s incarceration policy. Unless the money is clearly coming right out of (criminal justice employees’) pockets, the court system won’t give a damn.”. ..from Jackson Free Press

    Wordle: twenty-ten

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    January 29, 2009 FULL VIDEO

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Friday, September 04, 2009

    Left, Right, Left:Open Season | Be Aware!

    Oct-Nov09 Heather | Memphis SCLC | Altgeld Gardens-Chicago | Detroit | Georgia | Derrion Albert | Richmond High
    Just in case you're not getting it!
    Missouri Show-down? | "Line Cutter" March | Kennet
    The Left as they call it - means you're a communist! Revolution means you're against the "american way."
    I want you to know one thing about "gestapo-ism,"- it is controlling every & any thing you say or do. If you don't tow the "establishment correctness" you're out! Done! POTUS-Advisor quits,cites "lies & distortions"

    Outcry of Justice | Christina Swarns-NaacpLDF | IP Summer'09 |
    ^ Texas exoneree: "a nightmare," ''hell" and "slavery". New Texas law awards wrongly convicted.

    Freedom Highway '65

    A modern day Range War? America is re-visiting its inner self. No one should be caught off guard, however. Especially, those whose lives were ramshackled in late '63.

    And after the bastards have accomplished their dastardly deed, they'll plead their innocence. The steady ramping-up of rhetoric has an end, and a purpose.

    Guns, TNT & a rocket launcher were found in suburban Chicago. A so-called, "anarchist cookbook" was found, a father & son were arrested. It's about to get rough folks.
    Home, home on the range still has to deal with criminal justice, immigration & poverty.

    Only a Pawn in their Game
    090909-Address to Congress

    Another Joe!?! An obvious
    in an agreed
    upon upheavel, a definite reminder of the former days. The "radicalization of amerika" the last.Racism in the Chamber!?!
    Wilson turned a deaf ear to pleas from his party's leaders to apologize on the House floor Thursday, telling reporters his call to the White House had been sufficient and that his comments were "spontaneous" and the result of being overcome with emotion. Democratic leaders, though stunned, said they were not inclined to pursue an official sanction against Wilson