Monday, December 26, 2005

Now and Forever

If we don't get it straight with one another, now; forever will seize control and it will all be over then. For the straightening that is.

The politics of poverty has created the insatiable lust for absolute control of everything in ones environ. Absolute control of the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, and beyond.

Still, the Greatest Societal Need is for Justice to prevail. The quagmire, though; is steadily gape-ing into an ever widening chasm of disgusting apathy because of the evidential facts of the matter. This not so oil rich nation called America is a big boondoggle. It is not able to pull it's own oil rich refining city out of a disaster, merely because of its nasty little secrets.

Racism, poverty, classism and elitist attitude has allowed the government to admittedly overstep its bounds and surveil the whole dog gone nation. Big Brother is doing its proverbial job! Watching You. And the scurry-ing little rich american is scared to death. Everybody has been watching everybody since the serpent stood up in the garden and walked like a man.

Hired assassins, working for the federal government will eventually kick the doors in of some unassuming citizen and lay him or her to rest in some non descrip place, call it suicide or drug related; better still gang related mistaken identity. I know how Dr. King and Senator Kennedy must of felt. After agonizing reasoning, they similarly embarked on a journey of no return. We want justice in our society. Once you realize, what the situation really is, it really doesn't matter anymore.

This is two-thousand and five still today. Imagine this, a man is in jail in Louisiana, somewhere! Two FBI agents come to visit him. He tells them a story of local intrigue. They believe him. He tells them something about a black man. Yet, the same man is telling something on a white man, no one believes him. That's racism and that's injustice. Still though, someone in control in D. C., allows an underling to assail a now former U. S. government spy, because a family member spoke out about something, the elitist government leadership knew the family member shouldn't have been talking about. Backlash!

You know, Nazi Germany started out a little like this! Now, all my "friends" are not sending emails anymore. And what, no one in the civil rights movement knew their phones were bugged or their internets were being tracked? We always knew! Big deal. After all, this is America. And we do enjoy freedom of expression! Right?!

You just scared. And not fully free yet. Perfect love has not yet cast out all fear.
You need Jesus! Uh oh, that's right; you ain't suppose to be able to say that straight out like that no more, since 911 and the Iraq invasion. We've got to say this though, cause this IS America! George W. Bush is glad somebody is still not afraid to exercise his God Given American Right to Free Speech!

So now, Everybody on the Gulf Coast, holler loud; the folks in all the places where injustice and tyranny prevails, Holler, Holler LOUD. HOLLER long! Let 'em know how bad this stuff hurts.

Will Justice Prevail in New Orleans, in Waveland and Pass Christian and New Roads. In East Baton Rouge and Biloxi and Tensas and Concordia. Will the wrongfully convicted ever be free.

Is This Forever.

Now! &


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Come Justice, Now:The Michael Cobb Story

Inconclusive would be the word for the Justice that was dispensed in 2004 in New Roads, Louisiana as it pertains to the man; Michael Jarvis Cobb.

What should one say when a person gives a confession, expecting one thing and gets another. Three Hundred and Forty Nine Years in Angola State Penitentiary at Hard Labor for the Rape of two white women, aggravated burglary and attempted manslaughter. Michael Cobb was held on three million dollars bond in the Pointe Coupee Parish Detention Center on two counts of aggravated rape, one count of attempted second degree murder and one count of aggravated burglary. One of the rape counts was from 2001. One of the rapes was linked to Cobb because of weapons Cobb testified he purchased from two kluxers.

The significant rape charge is in connection with a July 25th 2001 rape of a then 16 year old girl. The fact is Mr. Cobb, wasn't lawyered-up when quesitioned extensively after his arrest. Mr. Cobb has later stated the confession was given under duress. Michael Cobb testified in court that his confession was forced and under duress. The family of Michael Jarvis Cobb has consistently maintained Mr. Cobbs innocence.

However, as you begin to read a file, the Cobb Sisters have compiled, you find a striking example of jurisprudence gone awry. Consistently, Judges are not maintaining their courts. Prosecutors are knowingly misuse-ing their office to get convictions. Defense Attorneys are not aggressively lawyering their cases.

Such is the case of Michael Jarvis Cobb. The Louisiana State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have been contacted. The New Roads Branch of the NAACP, also.

The Justice Foundation of East Central Louisiana has asked the New Roads Branch for its participation in a Press Conference, a Non-Violent Awareness Demonstration for Justice and a resolution requesting the Louisiana State Supreme Court to reopen the Michael Jarvis Cobb Case with an investigation into a wrongful conviction.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"The New Orleans People-Beyond the Dome"

Now that we have experienced the aftermaths of the hurricanes, let us begin to surveil the optimum outcomes for all parties. While the nation is consistently demoralizing the "New Orleans People" further, and the poor in general; life beyond the dome is terribly inconsistent and totally destructive.

The poor, and the now triple poor [moved thrice since the catastrope] four times if you consider the exodus' to the bridges, the dome, the convention center, the radisson and so on; are still lanquishing in a deepening poverty of a political quaqmirish cesspool of ignorance and never-do-rights.

In East Central Louisiana, [ and I imagine the same exists in adjacent Mississippi] the poorest of the poor accept their family members and others into their homes, as they themselves live in the cruelist form of poverty. And now the Congress, wants to debate how and what must be done.

You rich men, sell what you have and give to the poor!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Defusing "New Orleans"

The process that is New Orleans-Now is a lengthy backtrack, that will defuse the problematic situation that has caused so much anguish and pain. The first thing is stereotypes. The social planners in government (and that's what this is:-social planning) had better get the right eye for the inevitable, first. Toussaint L'Ouverture's breath, breathes out of the New Orleans nostril. The seeds of discontent have sprouted and are germinating. Some one has already mentioned to me about a New New Orleans. It must be! If the Old New Orleans is not transformed, the nations diaspora of indigenous peoples in to larger America, shall bring a haunting transformation of an apparatus no one wants to or can deal with.

The planners, need to ask each New Orleanian to sign on the dotted line if they plan to, want to and will return to LIVE in the Crescent City. Why? If New Orleans is going to be re-invented, it ought to be a cetainty the people who repopoulate it, really want to be there.

Think about the psycho-social aspects of the impact of the Category Five. All those newborn's are the progeny of a neglected mass in America. Category Five is just a reminder of the disconnect, between society and the neglected masses.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Office of Centralized Injustice Affiliates

Recently, a group of individuals encountered an attack of injustice in the rural southland, it appears that their assumed solution has been diluted to the perfunctory. What we find is a consistent challenged to the now effective, system of injustice in the world by the groundswell. This groundswell is not liberal activism, nor is it neo-conservative religiousity, or a disguised form of colonial imperialistic lobbying. This, what has been birthed in dixieland is the birth of the new-south, which shall change the conceptual ideal of the American federalist-demoratic-republic forever. We are very much aware of where Justice is going to come from; the same place peace shall come from.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here to Yonder

Oh yes! While all of this is going on in Atlanta, later on today; a group of individuals, families
activists indeed are planning to March on Crawford, Texas. History has the same veins of
understanding bleeding through the banners of protest. The ant-war movement of 60's &
70's fame was mostly white, while the civil rights movement was mostly "colored". Although
eventually, King came over and finally in 68' Bobby Kennedy accepted the call to the masses.

But, that "rainbow" march in Memphis, killed King. That was the real deal. Not the garbage
workers, but all of the folks coming together. The poor people's march meant everyone,
together now! If I could choose which place I'd rather be, it is Crawford. The beat of a
different drummer sounds in my head. This war needs stopped. Beyond the vale, it is a
race war. Clearly, this people is not your average Joe. Islam and Arab are become so
synonymous. Arab as in desert, as in Africa, as in Sudan. And even in the Sudan, the
difference is made in the north of mostly Arabs and the South of mostly non-Arabs. Garang
was to Vice President of new Sudan, and President of south Sudan. So clearly, still
a designation "racially" makes all the difference in black Africa.

Still, I think the leaders of the "new civil rights movement" in America, are out of touch
with the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. In contrast, Vicente Fox is very much
aware of the "M-13" terrorist gang of Central America threatening U. S. borders; changing
the entire complexion of the "american problem". If black americans do now, what the
black panther party did in Marin County then, off to guantanamo we'd go. The vociferous
threat of a latino-black connected move in America is more alarmist than any pacifist
march in any part of the country. The government has well prepared itself for any
such ill-fated laison. So, Vicente knows he's on his own, cause again I say, Jesse was
in Durbin, S. Africa; asking the Arab's to be easy. While all the years, we been waiting
on a change to come and things have gotten worse. The vote ain't changed nothing.
Just got a bunch of folk lulled in to believing, every one is on the same footing. I cast my
ballot, but the bullet is determining everything. The President has said, ain't no
coming out of Iraq in sight. More killing. More dying. In the name of Freedom? Let
Lone Justice.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Shock & Awe! Stateside? Political Controls.

There was a time not too long ago, when every one knew there place! As Ronald Reagan once
said in a statement that befuddled many. While a momentus point of reference is happening
in Atlanta, Georgia; the government is on the attack. U. S. Congressman William Jefferson's
home was "raided", (thank God it wasn't bombed) as the U. S. Attorney's Office is investigating
corruption in the Crescent City. I mean, what could you expect! There was a time in the 60's
and 70's when every one knew who was who; black folk knew they were black, men knew they
were men (no guess work), white folk was white folk, women were really women, and the
government was out to get us all.

Somehow though, black folk have been lulled into a restless sleep, you know; the sleep that you
can hardly get, because you know something is up but you can't figure it out sleep; because Waco should
have woke all of us up. Iraq, has been in planning for years. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George
Herbert Walker Bush and of course Manuel Noriega and the Shah of Iran knew about the Contra
Rebels and Oliver North. But its all gonna come out. While Atlanta is on a fire of spiritual &
political gathering Saturday August 6th; Veterans for Peace are convening in Dallas. You
remember Big D in 63, don't you, if that government sponsored terrorism had of never occurred,
Watergate probably, would have never occurred. You talking shock and awe! Texas styled. Well,
the new lynchings of the new century are full of shock and awe! From the lowest levels of
leaderdom to the Washington Halls of Congress. You talking Voter Intimidation. In one local
Louisiana Parish, a Democratic Parish Official was so successfully lambasted will charges and
firings and Supreme Court Judicial Commission rulings, that the lowest voter turnout ever
took place in a sheriff tax election. Oh how sweet it is, suppression and repression in a Democratic
Republic. But this is what I don't get; during the "black power days of the 60's and early 70's",
no one was gonna let their guard down. You know! They were out to get all of Us! You know!

The Activist! Those people in the Movement! Bayard Rustin! Malcolm X! Goodman, Chaney &
Schwerner! Medgar Evers! Martin, Bobby & John! Anybody seem 'em lately. So now, some may
have the audacity to wonder what is going on. Well, we in a war, and the war is in Babylon!
They just call it Baghdad and Iraq now. Babylon.

To the brothers and sisters in leader-dom. I say! What?! You thank you equal! Whose pillow
you've been sleeping on? Not mine. Check the documents out. The declaration of in-de-pen
never declared black folk to be equal with nothing. Do the research. That's why the amendments
had to be enacted. There was a rule, during those original years; you get yourself elected or placed in a
position of leadership brother, we will be watching you. And if you are not standing up for the cause, or if you
let your gaurd down and begin to think you can do just like they do, we gon' come for you; and if you can't
explain what you have done; we gon' get rid of you. One way of the other! So, don't let us down, Now! What
must happen now is, we must come to our senses and realize this is America. And that there
is not anything equal about you and the establishment. Your money is not equal to their money!

The Bildebergers, the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers money will always be better than your
money! You better get this. Bush, Clinton, Kerry and a bunch more belong to a secret organiz-
ation to which Bush, Sr., opened up to us all with his points of light. They already know, who
they want to be the presidential candidates for 2008. "It will fulfill the scriptures!" They must
agree. So, ain't no ringer in New Orleans, going to throw no wrench in the Illumaniti's plan.

Shock and Awe the masses. Because, no federal prosecuter is going to go after a sitting U S Congressman
that harshly. Sleep on, you restless masses. Justice Will Come !!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Civil & Human Rights vs State Suppression

Recently in the area commonly known as the south, it seems as
though there has been an upheaval of remorse and
indignation of past mistakes. However, if Justice would
be truly served, we'd all realize, that as a nation we
are in the same or worse condtition as we were in 1946.

I talked with an elderly blackman two days ago. And he
told me how he was mistreated in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
(New Orleans, along with others as they were attempting to
register to vote. Why is it that in 2007 the Voting Rights
Act is to be considered again, as its legally binding tenets
will expire.

In 2005, you mean to tell me that the only way black folk
can vote legally is because of the Voting Rights Act. Where
are we, and why is, this?

Civil Rights & Human Rights vs State Persecution

A lot has happened in a very short period of time.
Here in this deep south, on a daily basis the rights
of us all are being violated. You would want to think
that in 2005, things would have by now settled down.

But, as the saying goes, what you see is what you get.
There is not a need to itemize the occurences, which
everyone is aware of. Society itself is about to
"regergitate" what it has consumed. There will be a
volatile backlash in the U. S., and subsequently
abroad as well. You see everyone expects America
the Beautiful to be just that. But the truth is our
expectations are grossly disappointed daily.

You just can't put 80 year old men in prison, for
a 40 year old crime and not expect, repercussions.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Greatest Societal Need {GSN} End of Ages Persecution!

Some may wonder, why the constant subject matter. I've learned
over many years to please, "stay on point." The greatest societal
need is for everyone to treat each other right. But that ain't what's
happening. If everyone would just treat the next person right it
would be a much better place.
In September 2001, Yasser Arafat was in Durban, South Africa
for the World Conference on Racism. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
was there also. I remember one year Jesse went over there
in to a "troubled land" and got those American Hostages. This
time a black United States congressional delegation was also in
Durban. The United States Department of State only sent a
diplomatic delegation. No high-level American officials
attended the World Conference on Racism.
Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush, Jr., are yet
dealing with the quagmire that is the Palestinian question in the
"promiseland". But, if everyone would just treat everyone right.

Every thing would turn out okay!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Greatest Need-Part Two-"In the Land of Poverty"

If we ever get to the point of realizing the effects of impoverishment in all its facets we'll have a much better understanding of where things are headed. Take Sri Lanka and the other Indonesian Islands hit hard the "Day After Christmas Last Year". [note: the poor have a knack of giving up one thing for another] The people; of that heretofore majesticly sublime retreat for
the well to do, or should I say the "fare the well"; are still, drudging out a daily existence replete with tears never afore shed. Neglected then. No warning device in place. Yet now, global sustainable development fulled speed ahead. After the War. Thailand Revisited. An enormous deployment of energy from God Knows Where.

Hitting us by suprise. The land of outsourcing. Doing it cheaper and better. Deprived and neglected. Here and there. Punished and pimped. Still here, I can't leave the fact that while lawmakers are making laws that lawyering will indelibly leave their mark on. The purveyors of Democracy are making sure, A New Justice Shall Be Revisited. Tightening the ropes in the Homeland. Loosening the ties in the Promiseland. These that want the security of a nearly 6000 year relationship as they wait for Justice's Finality, juxtaposed against a 200 year history as it is related to a Third Day arrival of a Long Awaited Friend.

The Greatest Need

The greatest needs are often the common place things.

Too often we as Americans want to alleviate the worlds
woes and leave the other undone.
The Other? Our own. Here at home. You know, the homeland.
Yes, this is serious business being discussed here. Talking
about a nuclear option in the dear old Senate of the Congress
of the U. S. of A.

Everyone is depending on everyone else to come up with the
solution. We steadily climb ourselves into a stiffer and tighter
situation. And then we wait for some one else to get us out
of the mess we are in. We are taking about Justice
in its finality. Complete unmitigated justice. Found and not lost.
We continue in our continual denial of reality and refuse to accept the
consequences of our choices.

Of all the decisions to be made, both parties leadership leaving
the final option to those who are now concerned if leadership is
angered. Judges! Those who are charged with dispensing justice.
The lawmakers, whose laws the judges will interpret by a higher
standard; are afraid to compromise the opportunity to
stabilize justice in one favor or the other. We're headed for real
chaos when the structures of power are deadlocked.

Just to Let Us Know!

Down here in the deep southland, justice has been fleeting over the years. The only true program for pure justice, has yet to be embraced. We only now deal with what we have. Somewhere in the deep, dark future of our existence; the justice we so desperately need, shall appear. Until then? We have, what we have.