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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:43:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Justice in Louisiana
This correspondence concerns the case of Louisiana v. Michael Cobb, which was recently denied a writ by the Louisiana Supreme Court. The trial was originally held in 18th Judicial District State Court in Pointe Coupee Parish in New Roads, La., the parish seat. The crimes occurred in New Roads. It is believed that errors were apparent in the police departments investigation.

And so, it is asked of Justice to consider taking a look at the events surrounding the arrest, prosecution, trial, conviction & appeal [Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal] of this case. The conglomerating of the case by the prosecution rendered the conviction defective.

In several instances the New Roads Police Department crime scene proficiency is in quesition: in Hargroder, Berry and Lemoine. The conglomeration of these three led to undoubted juror confusion, in a trial of a few days.

The Hargroder crime scene [Aug 2001] according to testimony on page 255, lines 8 through 32 [transcript of day 2] show the crime scene un-protected for a period of time until the arrival of the State Police Crime Lab. The Crime Lab obtained prints only of the persons who were of the residence.

The Berry rape kit as evidence in that crime [Feb 2004] was mishandled, in that the kit was not determined tested, conclusively. In cross-examination during the trial Police department is unsure of the status of the rape kit. [page 158, lines 3 thru 32, day 2]

The Lemoine rape kit & the subsequent examination of the victim [July 2001] was again, by the New Roads Police Department mishandled. In the parish coroner’s direct examination [page 12 & page 13, lines 15 thru 32; page 14, lines 1 thru 25, day 3]
In this instance, it is stated by the coroner, NRPD sent this kit off to the state crime lab.

The prosecutor in his opening says; ‘The New Roads Police Department don’t find any leads. They don’t come up with anything, and I tell you, that New Roads Police Department made some mistakes in this case, and they’re going to have to - - and I’m going to bring it to you. They made some mistakes, and they’re going to have to face up to it.’ [page 8, lines 2 thru 7, Day 2] The prosecutor, goes on to say, ‘They end up getting some help from Paul Raymond and his guys,[Sheriff Dept] and they put this case together.


The Chief of Detective for New Roads Police Department at the time of the trial in 2005 is Robert Parrett. He is such for five years at the time of the trial and was there for all cases. [page 95, lines 5 thru 21]

In Cross examination of Parrett, by the defense; in answer to the 48 hours question Mr. Parretts answer was, ‘They – they initially came to look at the Lemoine crime scene and from there they went to the Hargroder’s residence.’ [page 254, line 26, day 2]

The defense: Q. – One minute. Why would they be coming look at the Lemoine crime scene on August the 12th? [p.254,line 29, day 2]
A. – They were asked to come in by another agency.
The defense: Q. – To come in and look at the Lemoine crime scene?
A. – Yes, sir.[p.255,line 1,day 2]

Sincere thanks. Citizen of Louisiana
The article below has caused concern among Cobb's family members. Two weeks ago a reporter for the Advocate, requested information on the rape kit and was referred to the District Attorney's Office. Michael Cobb was sentence to two life sentences, plus 129 years in Feb. 2005. He was arrested Feb. 2004.

New Roads police station burns
No one injured in fire
Advocate staff writer
Published: Mar 11, 2007
Story updated: 10:20 p.m.

Advocate staff photo by MICHAEL SEAMANS

NEW ROADS — Police Chief Kevin McDonald said he got the word shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday from an assistant.
“Chief, you’re not going to believe this. The police station is on fire!”
McDonald ran to the Main Street building. “When I saw the flames for myself, I was in shock. Then I ran in to the building to salvage what I could.”
No one was injured in the blaze. The four officers on duty Sunday had been on patrol at the time the fire broke out, McDonald said.
For awhile, it looked like all inside the building was lost. By about 10 p.m., firefighters informed McDonald that the evidence room, which is water- and fire-proof, was in immaculate condition.
Also in good condition was the clerical side of the building, housing incident reports. Nevertheless, the 26 people who worked in the building will be relocated, some to the department’s offices on New Roads Street and others to Police Station 2 on Parent Street, McDonald and Mayor Tommy Nelson said.
Firefighters “got in through the front part of the building and were able to secure my secretary’s computer and files,” McDonald said.
Also, copies of criminal reports are routinely sent to the District Attorney’s Office, he said.
Three buildings away, at Satterfield’s Restaurant, waiter Andrew Chustz had been taking an order when his clients informed him of the fire.
Chustz, 16 and a junior at False River Academy, said he and some co-workers ran to the scene.
“We heard some (munitions) rounds going off,” he said. “You could hear stuff popping in there. It was pretty intense.”
Nelson said the 2,000 square foot brick-and-mortar building was a very old structure. McDonald said that historians who stopped by at the scene Sunday told him “the building is probably over a hundred years old.”
Neither McDonald nor Nelson said they knew the cause of the blaze. The police chief said the state Fire Marshal’s Office will be called in to investigate.