Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mass Movement needed against Wrongful Convictions

Nina Morrison, James Waller Dallas, Tx exoneree & Barry C. Scheck of Innocence Project and Jeff Blackburn

Video Jena Trial Conviction June 28, 2007

"What prisoner would want their brother, sister, cousin, nephew or neice, or friend behind bars?" And what if the person was incarcerated wrongly? What if that close relationed person were WRONGFULLY CONVICTED? Yet, untold many are in prisons across America. Wrongly. The quotes is the quesition, that is posed to prisoners, they know who belongs & who sticks out as being in the wrong place.

The Innocence Project counts 200 plus citizens have been exonerated, from a wrongly convicted sentence.

We [the Nation] need a national movement to affect the personal consciouses of Americans for the Wrongfully Convicted. A national movement to stop wrongful arrests and incarcerations. Why? It is immoral.

Therefore, we are asking the Innocence Project of New York and The Innocence Network, the Center on Wrongful Convictions and The Louisiana Capital Assistance Center to intervene in American history with your resources and contacts in academia to begin a "mass movement" in the United States Prison System and the Judicial process.

In addition, a request is being made to The Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama in Montgomery, because of the History associated with Montgomery. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue. It is immoral.

We ask interested parties to begin to prepare for " a mass prison contact ". The belief is, that if prisoners themselves, would on behalf of the wrongfully convicted; write the U. S. Justice Department, first; to solicit its inquiry into this situation it [DoJ] would have to act. Secondly, after this is completed in all 50 states prisons, the prison population write the United States House & Senate Judiciary Committees to implore their immediate investigation of wrongful convictions, incarcerations and arrests.

The organizations mentioned are being asked to make the initial prison contacts, to open the channels in the prison hierarchy, such that the correspondence would flow undeterred. From every prison in the United States, the prisoners themselves know who does and does not belong in the system.

National Movement Against Wrongful ConvictionsJena Trial Conviction