Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Worse Kind of Criminals:GANGSTERSCrooks, Liars & Theives

Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks

Natasha Mckenna, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, #IndiaKager

The Level of full criminality in the Federal Government: fluctuating - from the *Executive Branch, the Judiciary and at times the Legislative Branch 

As I am reading this morning 25 June 2020: the headline reads, "Feds sent $1.4billion in stimulus checks to millions of dead people. 

The society is being orchestrated by a corrupt cabal, inclusive of the branches of government; directed by the president of the united states of America. It has now run amuck. 
However, the nation has been headed down this path for sometime, now. *The bombing of the Move-group in Philadelphia in 1985.

The assassination of *Fred Hampton in Chicago, Illinois in 1969 is indicative of the factualities of an American black holocaust.  #Chicagoans are now killing/murdering one another enmasse. Why?
A lack of confidence in *government, the judiciary, the courts, the police; the president, the Supreme Court, the United States Department of Justice & even the #Congress has passed legislation that allowed the treasury department to mishandle appropriations in the current ongoing *Pandemic.
This image is from 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. In 2020 we had more of the same in America’s United States. It means, there has not been any change. As I write, a protest in  Frankfort, Kentucky is calling on the Attorney General to charge the officer’s in the murder of Breonna Taylor. 
And to complicate matters, death-by-gun murders are on the rampage in Chicago, in the midst of the pandemic. 
Even the Mayor of Chicago, had to deal with *police officers kicking back in Congressman Bobby Rush’s office, while the city was being looted & burned on the night of May 31 into June 1, 2020.
Damning evidence of  *#LawEnforcement run amuck!  “Sometime I think about *Michael Jackson they don’t really care about Us.”

      And Still So Much More Subterfuge of Societal Order 

The onset of Judicial Overrule inclusive of General Flynn, Roger Stone and even Michael Cohen-released early for “#nCoViD19” under house arrest. 
The Justice Department Prosecutor who testified to the fact of presidential pressure to control the Judiciary.  And, now an Appeals Court, forcing another the judge,  * US District Judge Emmet Sullivan who happens to be Black to dismiss a the Flynn case. 

The appeals court ruled 2 to 1, two white female appeal court judges against one (1) black male appeal court judge.   The attack on citizens in Lafayette Park, “took-the-cake”. 
The subsequent clearing of D. C. Streets, vulgarly accomplished with shields banging up against folk, all folk, old, young, newsmen, boys, girls, women.
And, to make matters worse, military-garbed mercenaries in The Nation’s Capitol Streets.  When will Donald J. Trump call on his friend Vladimir Putin to send Russian-migs across the #BeringStrait* to protect his behind in His #TrumpHotel?

It is beyond the proverbial #enough!!
We are some where else, Now!!
Who Is Ready?