Friday, October 26, 2007

The Bottom Line:In the Final Analysis

In the final Analysis we have a very untenable situation in America and Louisiana in particular. If someone doesn't truly step-up to the plate; and let's deal with the facts as they are, we are going to be sorrowfully surprised. I mean truly; beyond the rhetoric & the dogma. Beyond personal opinion and offense, beyond our own personal agenda, beyond our own personal upsetness. Hell, I'm upset with a lot of things, but that don'y get 'em fixed. Folks need stuff filed in court. Crazy stuff filed. This ain't the 50's, this is the millenium, and we're in a count down to the hand of God's destruction! Yeah, you might not like it, but that is what is going on. We, the people, must stand together!! Stop the Crapola.

The opposition loves to see us clowning, the opposition thrives on seeing us indecisive.

Attorneys file more motions to open Bell hearing, data
Town Talk staff

The attorneys for several media agencies, including The Town Talk, fighting to have Mychal Bell's juvenile hearing open to the public are filing additional petitions after Monday's filings were questioned by the court.

According to a release from Dan Zimmerman at the New Orleans law firm Phelps Dunbar LLP, the Petition to Intervene in Bell's juvenile proceedings, the court was uncertain whether outside parties could intervene in juvenile matters.

"We believe the law does authorize such intervention, but rather than spending time fighting a tangential battle, we opted to file the attached Petition for Writ of Mandamus and/or Injunction to Open Court Proceedings, to Unseal Court Record and to Lift Gag Order (with related orders), and the Memorandum in Support of the Petition, which we have now fax-filed with the 28th Judicial District court clerk in Jena," Zimmerman wrote in the release.

Those petitions would have the same outcome as those filed earlier this week, he said.
The attorneys have also asked that another judge be appointed to rule on the petitions as 28th Judicial District Court Judge J.P. Mauffray is one of the defendants, along with LaSalle Parish Clerk of Court Steve Crooks.

Zimmerman said another judge should be appointed as "we do not believe that a judge should be called upon to mandamus himself."

If successful with the petitions, the media will have access to all court proceedings in the Bell case, to the court record and to transcripts of prior hearings that were closed to the press and public, he said. And the gag order on the trial participants will be lifted.

The hearing is set for Nov. 2.
Originally published October 26, 2007

In the 2008 Legislative Session, the legislature must act decisively.
We cannot continue to see our children
brutalized by this unjust system.

The purveyors of such actions,
deprive our children of a proper
education, & no one is doing
anything about, it. Our Children,
through leap, the prison pipeline, the post
integration-resegregationist mentality are
being destroyed by the government

I guess we'll just have to wait & See; huh.