Monday, February 12, 2007

Whose Justice Is It Anyway?

It's not our personal sense of justice we're looking for when we talk about Justice. Too many people take justice for granted. If you know a certain act of government or an act of those that govern has ended in injustice, then for sure that is when we want Justice most of all. I don't think we all want justice all the time, because if we had it all the time; WHAT! I think there would be a lot of long faces and tears shedding, because we didn't know vengeance from whose it is, would be so strong.

Let's be honest, it's vengeance we want.

Really when we ask for justice, we're asking for mercy. We even know the mechanics of how the injustice was done. A lawyer has the hardest time navigating the deep, dark, muddied waters of post-conviction relief in a wrongful conviction case.

Amnesty International issued a terse statement about the case of Gary Tyler, now termed a political prisoner after three decades! I repeat, Is This America. What about all the other cases?

So now, a federal court has awarded a man $14,000,000.00; payable by the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office. Now, this is what I call Louisiana Justice. The DA is a black man, today. The DA then was a white man. So, the broken Orleans Parish Criminal Justice System has the debt to pay as some sort of symbolic gesture of the federal court's displeasure. This, that's going on in Louisiana, has been going on forever. Justice is what justice does.