Ferguson Bombed,Gassed::Obama HeartBroken Not distracted

Rubber bullets, Chemical warfare, automatic weaponry & death squad mentality policing. Sanctuaried Activist rights invaded while housed by religious organization. Journalists attacked by police, black state trooper captain enlisted, accosted, conned, pressed on, defended rights, in line for a Congressional Medal of Honour; CNN caucasian female Broadcaster attempting to cause division between local pastoral activist and national activist. Sharpton to bring Eulogy for the Martyred Michael Brown, Jr. in St Louis' (Ferguson) and still no one has been arrested yet. Waiting on a grand juried roust of jurisprudence!! All the while the world is on the brink of full-out terroristic warfare!
The spot where the 18 year-old was to bleed out and take his last breath, knowing now, there is a "CULTURE OF DEATH" in the Missouri law enforcement community. Can America ever return to normalcy again! For, this generation to experience this morass is unconscionable. 
The fact of the death is enough, but the aftermath is the worse of worse. And for it to continue for 12 days is no longer a riot, it is an insurrection.

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