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The Death Knoll of Violence in Louisiana's Black Community::Bastrop to Baton Rouge

"Dontae Jamal Moore, illegal use of a dangerous weapon, illegal carrying of a fire arm. 3/26/13"
 Mar. 2, 2014

 Bastrop teen arrested after fatal shooting Friday

The Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in connection with the fatal shooting in Bastrop Friday afternoon.
Later that night, Devante Payton, 18, turned himself in to sheriff’s deputies, according to the arrest report. He was charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.
Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs said deputies responded to reports of a shooting near Cherry Ridge Road at approximately noon Friday. The deputies found Dontae Jamal Moore, 18, of Bastrop lying in a parking lot and 17-year-old Antonio Moore, also of Bastrop, about a block away.
Both victims were taken to Morehouse General Hospital, where Dontae Moore was pronounced dead. Tubbs said Antonio Moore was released from the hospital by 3:30 p.m.
The victims were not related to each other.

But Will The Truth Be Told!!

After an indepth conversation with the Father of the late Dontae Jamal Moore, it is concluded that the whole truth of the matter concerning this fatal shooting, is elusive: A Classic LJF Case. Justice:Fleeting 

The fatherly parent of Dontae Moore, would like to see justice done, for his son; but in a way strange to the powers-at-be in this extreme Northeast Louisiana farming community.  He believes the boy who shot-the-gun; should indeed pay his debt to society, but in a much different way.

Imagine this scenario, a black man in the rural south, wants to see "Restorative Justice". I imagine the guy has no real knowledge of the phrase, but this is what he's asking for. However, this becomes a bit complicated as we adjust the rear-view mirror of factualities. Restorative Justice [a matter of conscience] would require the individual to undergo activities that would in this case, reduce the crime in the specific area of domicile.  If nothing; such as this is done the VIOLENCE in our communities will continue. 

The question is?  Is the community, the Law Enforcement community, the State, the Judiciary willing, and up to such an endeavor in Morehouse Parish's Fourth Judicial District.? 

Grandpa's are talking about this event of death in this rural area. Some say, the powers-at-be are trying to "put a gun" in the deceased's hand.  And, that the act was in self-defense. The fact, that the shooter's Mother is an employee of the DA's office, further complicates the matter.  
It has been stated, that the Louisiana Attorney General's Office will be prosecuting this case. However,  young Devonte Payton has an 4thJDC IDB Attorney, and inquiries are already being made, concerning the efficacy of the "two" state entities conducting this matter.  

Those "two" state entities being-- The AG's Office & the Indigent Defense Board. Will Justice Be Served?

However, Dontae's Father has been consistently, pursuing the matter "with all deliberate speed" for whatever reasons. [Who really know's what goes on in the head of dead-son's Father] 

 A Declarative Statement: On this Saturday March 29th 2014, was made on the spot were this blood was shed. Such death, mayhem & destruction is against Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness.  It will not be accepted as the Norm for Our People any Longer. The Lord of Hosts was requested to defend in this Battle!

Change was invoked. Deliverance was offered. Jesus Christ was preached! Reinforcements have been contacted.  The Social-Justice apparatus of the South, and of these United States, will bring the full brunt of its effectiveness, down to Louisiana on this issue. And others. Until there is R E L I E F from this destructive mechanism of  demoralization, drugs, guns, gun-violence and death. 

Happening Now.
Familes seek Justice in Baton Rouge tragic Teen-Deaths 
We, The People, Demand that the Legislative Body, Immediately convene "Emergency Justice Hearings, on the killings, murders and violent ends of Youth & Young People in the State of Louisiana."  

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